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QaylTech and AIP Scientific participate at the Arab Health Expo 2022 held in Dubai World Trade Center.


Representatives of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Armenia  visit ArmBionics and OQNI at the Yerevan Engineering City.


Foldink participates at the Bioethics and Biolaw conference organized by the Yerevan State Medical University after. M. Heratsi, and the Russian-Armenian University (RAU).


OQNI and AIP Scientific receive grant from the Revive Deep Tech Accelerator program organized by FAST - Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology, UNDP in Armenia's ImpactAim Venture Accelerator, and Children of Armenia Fund (COAF).


Foldink visits the Vijay Lab, a leading 3D bioprinting lab in the U.A.E.


AIP Scientific wins the 1st prize at the Seaside Startup Summit.


ArmBionics participates at the Seaside Startup Summit held in the U.A.E., along with AIP Scientific, oqni - prosthetics innovation ecosystem, and Foldink.


ProCarement GmbH becomes the first German company from the biomedical engineering domain to enter the Armenian hightech development scene through founding ProCarement AM LLC in Yerevan.


Sastic signs its first investment agreement with AIP Scientific.


BEAA organizes and participates in the biomedical engineering session at the Armenia Engineering Week 2021.